SMART Health Cards with OneRecord

Quick and easy access to you and your family’s vaccination records.

Smart Health Card raised off the surface of the OneRecord mobile app

SMART Health Cards 101

Smart Health Card on the OneRecord mobile app
Smart Health Card on the OneRecord mobile app
Smart Health Card on the OneRecord mobile app

Where you can use your SMART Health Card

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Medical Facilities
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Bar & Restaurants
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OneRecord is the only app that allows you to store SMART Health Cards for multiple people.

Your family’s vaccination status in one place.

OneRecord keeps your SMART Health Cards organized in one easy and secure place. You can add multiple health profiles to keep track of your family’s vaccination history. This way, you can present your child’s, parent’s or any patient’s SMART Health Card on their behalf. Be the CEO of your home and stay in control over where your family’s records are shared.

Manage Health Profiles with OneRecord

Get Started

Get it

Once you’ve been vaccinated, you will receive a printout or pdf through the patient portal of your SMART health card from your provider

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Scan it

In the OneRecord app, use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code and save it to your Medical Records

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Present it

Tap ‘present’ in the OneRecord app to share your SMART Health Card with others in any situation where proof of vaccination is required

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SMART health cards and privacy

Your vaccination history is stored directly within the SMART Health Card as a QR code or file that you control. All SMART Health Cards contain only the information required to display your vaccination history.

They should contain

  • Your legal name and date of birth
  • Your clinical information
  • Tests: date, manufacturer, and result
  • Vaccinations: type, date, and location

They should not contain

  • Your phone number
  • Your address
  • Your government-issued identifier
  • Any other health information

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