Your Security

We’ve built security into every aspect of OneRecord.

From the moment you sign up, and throughout the process of adding records and data, for as long as you’re using the platform. Your privacy depends on this, and we take your privacy seriously.

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You’re trusting us with your data. We understand that responsibility.

We will always be transparent about our security practices, giving you confidence that your information is always secure.

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Security Infrastructure

This gets technical, but it’s important. OneRecord is hosted on AWS's HIPAA-compliant cloud.

This is one of the most secure and reliable cloud infrastructures there is. And our team monitor it continuously, to make sure your data is protected.

Using this infrastructure, we store your information in multiple data centers across the United States. So even in the event of a disaster, we have an automatic, seamless back-up.

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Layers of Security

Since day one, we’ve built layer upon layer of security into every part of our platform. From the core coding to the design of our interface.

Nothing is more important to us than security. The proof? We’ve chosen not to offer certain functions because they would limit security. We’d rather lose some bells and whistles than risk your privacy.

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Security Leadership

We’re leading the way in strengthening security for health care technology, by collaborating on National Information Exchange Networks.

Since the beginning, we’ve been sharing our security learnings, experiences, and practices with partners, competitors, and other organizations. Healthcare data exchange is evolving fast, and this sort of continuous, industry-wide collaboration is critical for protecting your privacy at the same time as promoting interoperability in healthcare.

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