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Self-care is hard enough without the added hassles of the healthcare system.

Join OneRecord for a new way to get access to your full health history.

You go see your doctor. We'll get the records.

Wherever they are, whatever system they’re in, we have a way to get your health records and put them in one easily accessible, super-safe place – your OneRecord.

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Designed by patients, so you know we get it.

We’ve spent over 500 hrs (and counting) interviewing and co-designing with patients with a range of conditions to make sure our product can handle your situation.

Check out our social media for opportunities to share your story with us.

Want to track your condition but hate traditional tracking tools?

Psst… our patient designer community is tackling this issue right now. Want to have some skin in the game? Explore your creative side? Have fun? Email us at

A smiling woman holding a mobile phone.A mobile phone showing a screenshot of the OneRecord application.

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    You can get automatic, immediate access to your medical records with a OneRecord account. Right now accounts are limited to users with early entry codes. For your chance to get a limited edition code enter your details here.

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    You Need Our Help

    Right now your provider doesn’t have digital records, or they are not currently set up for data sharing. But don’t worry, we’ll happily contact them on your behalf to find out how we can get your records for you.

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    Right now we’re fresh out of early entry codes. But don’t worry we’ll be releasing new ones over the next few months, so keep an eye on your inbox for an invite.