It's your Health, Own it.

OneRecord keeps all of your health records straight, so you can focus on yourself.

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Access Your Medical Records With Ease

Digital health records are super useful, but can be difficult to retrieve and share. Because OneRecord has an extensive network, we are able to help you seamlessly combine all of your medical records, lab results, immunizations, medications, and family history in one easily accessible web app.

Make The Most of Your Time With The Doctor

Everyone benefits when healthcare becomes a dialogue between patient and doctor, rather than a one way conversation.

OneRecord helps you get the most value out of your doctor appointment by helping you track conditions, capture questions, and make informed medical decisions.

Doctors have full-time staffs. You have OneRecord.

Managing healthcare can feel overwhelming and leave you drowning in logistics.

OneRecord works like a personal assistant to give you real time health updates, appointment reminders, and 
much more. And the good news is we’re just getting started!

Founded By Empowered Patients

OneRecord is rooted in our personal experiences dealing with chronic illness, and was founded on the belief that the current system takes too much time and energy that could be spent enjoying life.

Morgan Knochel & Jennifer Blumenthal Co-Founders of OneRecord