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A new law requires doctors and insurance companies to give you access to your electronic medical records. You have the right to get them through an app and at no cost.

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A view of Medical Records of the OneRecord app on a mobile device.
Two bubbles showing medical providers
Step 1

Connect your hospitals, clinics and doctors

With the largest network of the most popular providers, you get instant access to the majority of healthcare facilities in the United States

Multiple insurance provider logos
Step 2

Get your insurance records too

Instant access to health care records and claims from past and present insurance companies

Currently supporting Medicare Advantage, Medicaid & CHIP Fee for Service, Medicaid & CHIP Managed Care, Qualified Health Plans on Federally Funded Exchanges

A mobile vaccination card
Step 3

Add a digital vaccination card

Add any immunization record to your iOS wallet, including your COVID-19 records. Learn more about Smart Health Cards.

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Step 4

Manage your whole family in one place

Gather all your loved one’s health information into one organized, secure place

Mobile view of detailed medical data
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Your health records, simplified


Your allergies that represent harmful or undesirable physiological responses associated with exposure to a substance


Your immunizations include a record of an administration of a vaccination or a record of a vaccination as reported by you, a clinician, or another party.


Medicines that have been prescribed for you


Your test results


A historical view on all your recurring health data, charted plainly

Clinical Notes

Your doctor’s, nurse’s, other clinicians’ notes

Problems & Proceedures

Findings from check-ups and examinations

Care Team & Care Plan

Suggestions and next steps for your care

The 'share medical records view' of the OneRecord app
For your family

Multi-profile management

For partners, children, and relatives - as many as you like

Add and Switch easily between profiles for those for which you care

Manage provider connections

As easily as connecting your own providers, you can connect and keep updated on your family’s health data

Simple sharing

Securely share immunization records for your children’s school or lab updates to your pediatrician

Vaccination wallet pass on mobile
Share your records

Smart data sharing

Send Doctors, schools and loved ones secure access to important records

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Send a private link

Send a temporary, limited-access link to professionals or family members that are part of your health journey.

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Download a consolidated PDF

Get a PDF of your consolidated medical record and share it with your care team or family.

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Wallet preview for iOS

Add any immunization record to your iOS wallet, including your COVID-19 records, for easy access.

It's your health. Own it.

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