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Venn diagram displaying Interoperability, Engagement, and Insights with OneRecord in the center.

How does OneRecord help?

Enables patients to access data including claims, encounter, cost, and as a defined set of clinical data using an application of their choice that is connected to their payer using FHIR APIs.

  • Interoperability
    The CMS Patient Access API increases your ability to provide more efficient and coordinated coverage for your members
  • Engagement
    Sharing health information with patients better engages them and strengthens your relationships with them
  • Insights
    Historical claims data helps patients understand their healthcare and expenses
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Meet Regulatory Deadlines

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Compliance Instantly

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Member Engagement Simplified

Patients shouldn’t have to be billing experts.

We’ve built a patient-friendly search experience to educate users and empower them in their own decisions. OneRecord enables users to see their deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses side by side with their clinical data for a more complete view of their health.

Parts of the OneRecord insurance user interface.

Intuitive user expereience

We pride ourselves on creating a simple, guided experience for our users. Our approachable visual design, thoughtful interface, and carefully crafted copy walk users through an otherwise overwhelming world of Insurance details.

Because our UX makes the complex stuff easy, we can provide exciting bonus features to really delight patients, and help them on their healthcare journey.

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