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Health Plan Directory for Consumer Apps

Health Plan Directory For Apps: For Payers
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Health Plan Directory – a great idea for a better member experience.

Third-Party Applications, such as OneRecord, are helping members connect to their records maintained by their health plan. In order to access their records, members need to authenticate with their health plan and authorize the third-party application to access and retrieve those records on the member’s behalf.

The intent of the Interoperability and Patient Access final rule, however, doesn’t necessarily translate to successful real-world implementation and adoption of standards. We took our ideas and we wrote them down. We know what works and what doesn’t work.  

You may be aware of the Da Vinci PlanNet work at HL7, or the plans at CAQH relating to their endpoint directory,  but we, at OneRecord, are looking for solutions that can be put into practice today. We are all for healthIT standards and formal implementation guidance but we need a practical solution today.

If you are a Payer, this resource will outline the key points you need to know, in language you can understand.

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